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Residential & Commercial Smoke Damage Repair Services

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Smoke damage cleanup requires detailed knowledge about the types of smoke and how smoke behaves as well as smoke odor removal, soot and ash elimination, stain removal, content restoration, toxicity removal and restoring balance to the environment.

Smoke Damage Repair Services in Denver

Damage from smoke often extends far beyond what the eye can see. Smoke travels through walls, ventilation systems, pipes, electrical sockets and small cracks in plaster and drywall leaving microscopic particles that are hard to remove. Timely cleanup by professionals will reduce the cost of restoration, as costs can increase do to acid, soot residue, and moisture eroding your structure.

These odor particulates require specialized techniques because they are so hard to remove. Ozone treatments, are one of the best tools for smoke odor removal because it chemically changing the molecules, and eliminates contaminants that cause the smoke odor. Without proper removal of these microscopic smoke particles, you will end up experiencing things like burning eyes, a runny nose; lung and respiratory disease, aggravating heart problems and other deadly health issues. 

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke and smoke odor removal is NOT a “DIY” project. The reason you want to work with a professional on your smoke removal project is that soot is oily, and it easily stains items, including walls, furniture, linens, personal belongings, carpet and hard to reach areas of your home or business. Not to mention smoke contaminants create an additional odor.

We understand the different types of smoke and how it behaves. Call us to get started on your smoke damage cleanup and restoration project – we’ll get you back to normal quickly.

Smoke and Soot may cause:

  • Yellowing of paint and walls/wallpaper
  • Staining of non-porous surfaces
  • Odor in carpets, drapes, furniture, and upholstery

Smoke Cleanup Services Include:

  • Limit existing damage
  • Stabilize and secure your commercial or residential structure including Emergency Board-Up Services if needed.
  • Perform any necessary emergency water damage restoration 
  • Remove soot and contain odor 
  • Package and move salvageable possessions for content restoration  
  • Clean, deodorize and restore your structure and contents
Fire Damage Repair

Professional Smoke Removal Service in Denver

A qualified professional fire damage cleanup & repair service can take away the invisible odors and chemicals of smoke problems. Even after the soot and other visible signs of smoke problems are cleared, invisible chemicals may leave lingering odors and harmful chemical substances. Our thorough smoke damage cleanup eliminates all these chemical signs completely so that all your family members or employees can be safe. 

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Smoke Damage Cleanup Services in Denver, CO

Our team is available 24/7. The professionals at Solaro Dry have the experience and know-how to clean up acidic soot, restore yellowed walls and ceilings, and remove strong smoky odors that permeate everything. the longer your furnishings and building materials remain waterlogged or covered in ash, the more damaged they could become. Stains may set in, mildew or mold may form, and materials may begin to deteriorate.

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